In just 6 weeks and for a fraction of what a guide would cost, you can have double-digit outings, less frustration on the river, and stun your buddies in the process.

I quit for four years.

Most people don’t know this…

But I gave up on fly fishing.

After reading through countless articles and spending hours on YouTube, I still couldn’t catch fish consistently.

Equipment was a nightmare, and I practically spent every outing trying to untangle knots and watching the trout swim smugly by.

I tried and tried but just couldn’t figure it out.

So I quit.

For four long years, I never touched my rod & reel.

Until I met a good friend named Mike.

He was the hot-shot fly fisherman I’d always wanted to be… and his guidance proved to make the difference.

Even though I “knew” all the info I taught myself from the internet, he was there to explain it and answer the specific questions I had.

The real game-changer wasn’t just having him by my side while I was fishing.

It was being able to text him whenever I got stuck, and getting an answer in a way that was easy to understand.

Since I no longer had to string together information from YouTube videos and articles…

I could focus on what actually matters: spending more time on the river.


Becoming a great fly fisherman is not always easy.

If you've tried before, you know just how painstaking it can be!

Despite how many hours of YouTube you watch, does it ever seem to translate 100%?

Do you spend more time untangling and figuring out your setup than fishing?

And there are sooo many knots to tie - which ones do you really need?

Choosing which flies to use is confusing, and the fly shop's suggestion never yields results.

Do you think you are fishing good stretches of river, yet never see any fish…

As much as you enjoy being on the river, has the time, effort, and frustration been worth it all?

When I say that I know what you’re going through, I do… and these were some of the many frustrations I faced when starting out.

Thankfully, I have gone from a hopeless angler, to someone who now helps others on their journey.

So what if I told you that you could eliminate the confusion, limit the pain of learning, and fast forward your journey?

 More importantly, what if I told you that you’d be out-fishing your buddies in no time?

Introducing Equipped to Catch - Tight Line Essentials.

Your no BS guide to fly fishing success…

A course made specifically for those who want to fly fish, and have no idea where to start. For those who have tried fly fishing before, and returned with more frustration than fish. Most importantly, for those who want to catch a ton of fish!

After going through this program, you can expect to not suck at fly fishing. You will be able to execute the Tight Line fundamentals so that most of your days are spent catching!

Fly fishing reimagined, this is not a guided service...

I take an entirely different approach

This is more than a one time lesson. You will be getting continued support, through structured information, online coaching, and an amazing community! The relationship doesn't come to a grinding halt after one day.. rather it begins once you become a fly fisherman.

I once felt quite hopeless -through a mentor of my own, the right fly fishing style, and relentless ambition, I was able to push through the pain to become the angler I am today.

The good news is that you don’t have to struggle like I did - you can lean on my mentorship, past experiences, and effective frameworks to get there much easier.

I know, you're probably thinking...

that you don't have the time to sort through hours of content.

That's why I cover what you need to know, and nothing more.

Maybe you're worried about my ability to mentor you online vs in person. Luckily, we live in an age, where technology can help fill most voids.

We will have online coaching sessions weekly, so that your questions get answered, and we can work through any problems together..

You’ll also be supported with on-the-fly texting so that you can help when it matters most!

I have included Video review so that you’re sure you are doing it right.

I could go on and on, because there is more, but I think you get the point - I have you covered.

I will make sure that by the end of my program, you're consistently catching fish on your own.

Inside this program you will find

Lifetime access to

All course material, so that you don't have to spend hours upon hours sifting through information.

Weekly coaching calls

So that your questions get answered, and we can work through them together..

"On-the-fly" texting support

That focuses on producing results (fish), not just information.

1:1 SMS Video review

So you don’t have to worry if you’re doing it right or not.

Fly selection guide

So that you’re using patterns that produce fish!

Equipment Guide

So that you don’t waste time or money..

1:1 Virtual scouting session

You’ll learn where to go, and how to read water, which means you won’t spend days fishing the wrong areas!

And more!

I won't stop until you become a fly fisherman.

But don’t take my word for it, look to those I've already helped..

Responsive Testimonial

"I’ve dabbled in fly fishing over the years but never felt confident in a path that would help me become a more educated and competent fisherman that would ultimately catch more fish. This all changed when I met Cole. The first time out he showed me not only the basics of which fly to use and when, the best knots and easiest ways to set up a line, how to read the river, and most importantly he put me into fish on day one…including the largest fish I’ve caught on a fly rod to date. Fishing is now way more enjoyable after working with Cole!"

Ed Griffin Web Developer

"Prior to going out fishing with Cole I had only been spin fishing when I was little or fishing in the ocean with my uncle. In both these experiences I was more passively involved and let my dad and uncle do all the handling. Cole started off with teaching the basics of knot tying, casting and reading the river. HE did an excellent job of educating while also allowing me to make some mistakes to help encourage learning. Cole is great at explaining things in ways that are easy to understand. His teaching methods encourage hands-on practice after watching a demonstration which helped me quickly learn the skills. Thanks to Cole’s coaching I have not had a day fly fishing without a catch and have found a new hobby!"

Bridget O'Brien Web Developer

"I began fly fishing nearly two years ago. I had begun fishing solo and was very unsuccessful. Cole and I became friends soon after and he was so welcoming in bringing me along with him. My first days fishing with him I remember staring in disbelief. The quality and quantity of fish being caught gave me the fly bug big time. I took his notes, recommendations and constructive criticisms and became an entirely new fly fisherman within the span of just a few months. Cole had me on my first double digit fish day within our first couple outings. As a more experienced angler, I can now look back and see that he has incredibly effective methods and tips. The man can teach you to read water, choose flies, and decide presentations based on numerous factors. There is not a fly fishing trip to this day that I don't hear Cole's tips in the back of my mind. He gives quality insight to every step of the process. I have since taught friends in the same manner I have been taught. It is incredible to see new anglers succeed. Thanks Cole for the gift that keeps on giving! Tight lines and see you on the river soon my friend."

Blair Zerr Web Developer

Are you ready to become the fly fisherman you know that you can become?

One that looks forward to every day on the river...

Someone who doesn’t come back empty handed all the time..

And isn't spending their time on the trial and error hamster wheel...

Who has a newfound passion in life...

Most importantly, who has their buddies wondering, how the hell are they catching fish like this?

Look, I know exactly how you’re feeling, because I was once in your same shoes.

Now? Fly fishing has become one of my greatest passions. Something that brings me solitude, and at the same time, a ton of excitement.

It doesn't have to be a painstaking experience...

Lean on my experience, my mentorship, and proven track record of helping others become fly fishermen.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started, fellow fly fisherman - leave your buddies in the dust.

  • The EXACT leader formula I use to fish in almost every water condition — this’ll make you much more sensitive to subtle strikes and increases your reaction time to hook a trout before it slips away (it’s also super easy to make, and very effective)

  • The nearly unstoppable fly selection that trout can’t seem to resist — as well as the method I use to select the best flies for every outing (it depends on the river you’re fishing, depth, color and more — and this guide will show you how to make the best fly decision to catch more fish)

  • Why you don’t need to memorize 23 different knots to fly fish — and the TWO knots I use 99% of the time, how to use them, and when to use them (this will make your outings so much less frustrating since you won’t be fussing with your equipment — you’ll be hooking trout instead)

  • How to properly handle and release fish so you look like a “pro” — while respecting the fishing regulations in your area and keeping your trout population safe

  • Fundamentals of one of the most efficient styles of fly fishing — that’s not only simpler to understand and execute, but will land you more trout quicker than other dry fly and nymphing methods

  • Why many new anglers struggle with location, and the real estate strategy that’ll show you exactly where to go and how to read the water every time you’re out — so you don’t spend your days fishing the wrong areas using the wrong techniques

  • Finding a good spot isn’t easy. So instead of just telling you how to find one, I’ll work with you one-on-one to research, review, and come up with a list of prime locations in your area where the trout are biting.

  • The ONLY equipment you need to fly fish successfully (if you’re wondering what to buy — or you already bought some equipment and you want to know if it’s enough, this could save you hundreds of dollars and hours of time)

  • Not only will I tell you what to buy, I’ll give you the exact Amazon link where I got it from. Plus, it’s split into three categories: Entry, Mid, and Premium so whether you’re starting off with a budget or you want the best in business, you’ll know exactly what to order.

  • How to imitate natural nymphs and fool even the most wary trout into taking a bite (presentation matters more than fly selection)

And you’ll get

  • All the lessons above and more with LIFETIME access to the course material — you’ll be able to pull it out anytime you need it

  • Weekly live group coaching sessions to not only answer your questions, overcome obstacles, and ensure your ability to execute on the water — but also to hear from other anglers like you and see what’s working for them

  • 6 weeks of coaching support through text — you’ll be able to text me directly, on-the-fly, for any questions you have while you’re on the water.

  • Not just texts — you’ll be able to send me videos of your fishing so you can get personalized feedback and improve your cast, presentation, and reeling techniques to get you more trout on every outing

Tight line’s & good times money-back guarantee

  • 14 day money back guarantee - no questions asked.

  • If you have not caught a fish, by the end, I will provide an extra month of mentorship for free.

One last bonus...

Be a part of my exclusive founders group and help shape the future of this program, as I build it live, with you. As a founder, you'll have direct access to me, provide input during the creation process, receive an unbeatable never-again price, have lifetime access to the course, and 20% off ANYTHING I release in the future. Space is limited to only 10-15 students.

This is a rare opportunity you won't want to miss.

So here’s the deal…

For an intro price of just $497 (it’ll be much higher next time registration opens)...

You can join the first “Equipped to Catch” mentorship program today.

Once the first session begins on July 09, 2023, it’ll be too late.

And there will be no exceptions for anyone who misses the deadline.

If you think this might be for you, click the link below.